"I have been training with Lisa for six years.  She keeps things fresh and fun and has the experience and know-how to get the most out of me.  Results are so much better than when I was just training on my own!" -Mary


"I have been working with Lisa for about a year and a half and don't want to imagine where I would be had we not been introduced.  When we started working together, my initial goal was to lose 40 pounds and I am currently down 30!  Since then, my goals have shifted and while I am still looking to lose the last bit of weight, I am now focused on becoming stronger and generally more fit.  The results she has helped me achieve have been nothing short of incredible; and I can say that it is completely due to Lisa's personalized training style, her encouraging sentiments and just genuinely caring for me as her client.  She knows how to encourage me and how to help me push my limits (even when I don't want to).  She doesn't let me get away with excuses and always challenges me to do new things; which is what you should want in a trainer.  I can rarely make a recommendation without hesitation, but I can confidently refer anyone to Lisa because I know that she will give them a customized, effective and results driven training program. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Lisa and no words can express how grateful I am to have met her," - Nicole H.

"I started training with Lisa two years ago for my daughter's wedding and I'm still training with her-she's the best!  My workouts are varied, focused and challenging; I'm never bored and I've never been stronger! She motivates and inspires me to work hard and be the best I can. Even on those days when I'm not feeling it, by the end of the workout I'm glad I did.  Most importantly, her positive and encouraging nature makes me come back time after time and stick with it! Thanks Lisa!" - Renee



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