Motivational Fire

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Not everyone was born with the motivation and discipline to both exercise and eat healthy. But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it your best, day in and day out.  Take my advice and follow my own personal ways to keep that motivational fire burning!

·      Write down a positive mantra or a prominent goal that you have on a Post-It note. Stick it to your front door so that every time you leave home, you step outside with the greatest intentions. These intentions will fuel your actions.

·      Set month-long goals. Having a beginning and an end to your short-term goals will bookend your journey and help keep you motivated.

·      Never be too good to try something new. I’m just now able to do a pull-up without an assist!

·      Music, music, music! Create and share playlists on Spotify or simply cruise Pandora stations!

·      Get friends together to run stairs, go for a walk, take a new fitness class, or go with you to workout-inspired events.

·      Notice how you feel after you eat. Is the energy there? Does your stomach hurt? Food is your fuel. So, if your power output is short-circuiting, take the time to assess which foods will service you best.

·      Longevity. Mastering the rubrics cube of life between exercise, sound sleep, eating the right foods, managing stress, and maintaining relationships can be tough. But knowing these things will lengthen your life while also making it a more enjoyable life, is what drives me every single day! Life the best life and never settle for anything less!